Why Go For First Class Travel?

The reasons behind going for a first class air travel are too many to name. In this article we will be discussing a couple of them.

A prime reason behind people going for a first class air travel is there spacious seats arrangement. This sort of an arrangement provides more shoulder space and legroom.
Another potential benefit that comes with first class air travel is the quite and peaceful environment. Another thing why people detest plane rides in the economy class is because of the loud noise. That’s why people prefer paying a bit more in the hope of getting a comfortable environment in the process. So friends, the ideal way to maintain a safe side from noisy neighbors is by opting for first class travel.
Another benefit that comes with first class travel is the services offered. People traveling in first class are likely to get better food as well as beverages as compared to those traveling in the economy class.

Now these were a couple of benefits associated with a first class air travel. But then, not all of us can afford this form of an option because of the soaring airfares. However, of late, a number of money saving options have come to the limelight that helps traveler to book first class airfares at a fairly low price. For instance, if you are planning for a vacation and wish to travel in a first class then you can certainly book your tickets during the off season.

Following the above mentioned instructions in addition to others will help you to fix the right deal.

Travelling First Class in an Oman Air Flight

Booking international flight tickets has become an easier option nowadays with the increase in the number of airlines in the last decade. Most global carriers have an online presence nowadays to cater to the millions of population across the globe. As a result, travellers get more options when travelling international. All they have to do is browse the internet, enter their details like destinations, number of passengers and all details regarding travel is displayed. All these are offered with intricate detailing like proper fare breakup, discounts offered and other such information. Among these carriers, which have become popular for their excellent services is Oman Air, the flag carrier of Oman. It primarily operates out of Muscat International Airport and operates scheduled services to more than 40 locations in over 20 nations. Apart from these destinations, the airline also has codeshare partnerships with a number of popular carriers like Emirates and Qatar Airways, thus widening its network across the globe.

Comfort Seating

When it comes to availing comfort and luxury services during a flight trip, an Oman Air flight provides some of the best amenities for fliers in First Class. The Mini Suite is a class apart in itself with six seats in total, giving a perfect feel of flying in a private jet. Fully flat beds are offered for travellers who are looking to take a relaxing nap during the journey. Seat pitch on offer is an unusually huge and comfortable 87 inches. The width of each seat is over 25 inches that makes it comfortable for fliers in the First Class. The electrically controlled backrest makes sure that even little children can operate the recline easily according to their personal requirements. With a eight-point massage system, the seats are elegantly designed for providing travellers a trip with unbelievable comfort. Stowage space is separately provided for cabin luggage. A cocktail table and one-piece meal table makes sure that people who are travelling in this class do not feel lack of space any time.

In-flight Meals

The in-flight dining services of Oman Air flights allows travellers to enjoy an assortment of the best dishes from the signature Arabian cuisine. Expert chefs are selected for preparing these delish items with the best ingredients. Apart from these delicious meals, fliers can also enjoy a selected range of exotic beverages to compliment the sumptuous dishes. Travellers can choose from the best champagnes and wines to enjoy a relaxing trip aboard its flights.

Travelling on long journeys can be quite boring, especially for those who are travelling alone. Stay connected even during the trip with near and dear ones with the Wi-Fi services of Oman Air. Checking emails, surfing social networking sites or staying connected using WhatsApp is a matter of ease with these web services. Be it on personal devices or those provided by the airline, it is easy to stay connected during the trip. All these services have made this airline one of the favoured choices for global travellers.

Mahatma Gandhi Rides First Class

I was recently reading Gandhi’s autobiography, The Story Of My Experiments With Truth.

I stumbled upon a story that involves a train ride. The story also happens to validate a great principle of negotiations which I’ll point out later in this article.

The story dates back to Gandhi’s days in South Africa. South African law required Indians (or ‘coolies’ as they were called by the white South Africans) to travel third class on trains. Soon after arriving in South Africa, Gandhi learned first hand about this rule when he was thrown off for trying to ride in a first-class car. It was an insulting episode in his life and made a deep impression on him. What is less well known is that Gandhi immediately looked for a second opportunity to challenge the rule on a train from Durban to Pretoria. This time he succeeded. He did so by using an ‘audience’ to overcome a negotiating opponent.

Gandhi’s position in this negotiation was that “well dressed and well behaved people can travel first class, regardless of race.” The railway company’s position was that “coolies must travel third-class.” Gandhi anticipated this and his step-by-step approach is a model of effective preparation to achieving goals in the most difficult situations.

Gandhi’s first move was to locate a decision maker and find a way to present his request for a first-class ticket personally in a face-to-face meeting. He obtained the name of the stationmaster in Durban and sent him a letter. Gandhi wrote that he was a barrister who was accustomed to travel first-class. He said he would present himself at the stationmaster’s office the following day to obtain his ticket. By leaving no time for a reply, Gandhi successfully averted the possibility of getting a ‘no’ by mail. The stationmaster would have to discuss Gandhi’s request in person, and Gandhi knew he had a better chance if he could plead his case personally.

Gandhi appeared before the stationmaster the next day in what Gandhi describes as ‘faultless English dress’: He wanted to impress the stationmaster with a basic fact – that both of them were from the same social class, even if they were of different races.
“You sent me the note?” asked the stationmaster.

“That is so,” said Gandhi. “I shall be much obliged if you give me a ticket. I must reach Pretoria today.”

Now came a bit of good fortune, thanks to Gandhi’s insistence on a personal meeting. “I am not a Transvaaler,” said the stationmaster. “I am a Hollander. I appreciate your feelings, and you have my sympathy.”

The stationmaster issued Gandhi a ticket – but – on a condition that Gandhi not involve him if the train conductor later challenged the ticket. Gandhi agreed, although this eliminated an authoritative ally who could have proven to be more than useful later.

“I wish you a safe journey. I can see you are a gentleman,” the stationmaster concluded.

Now came the hardest part. Gandhi had to figure out a way to convince the conductor, who would not be from the same social class, who would be a Transvaaler, to let him stay in first-class.

Here is where Gandhi made use of something called the ‘audience’ principle in negotiations. He needed to find someone who would be sympathetic to his “well dressed and well behaved people can travel first class” position and to whom the conductor would feel answerable to (in some manner).

Gandhi walked along the corridor in the first-class car until he found the audience he was looking for: an englishman sitting in first-class compartment by himself, without any South African whites present. Gandhi sat down, holding his first-class ticket and waiting for the conductor to arrive.

When the conductor came, he immediately saw that Gandhi was Indian and angrily demanded that he move to third-class. Gandhi showed him his ticket. “That doesn’t matter,” said the conductor.

Then Gandhi’s “audience” who was observing this rude behavior spoke up. “what do you mean by troubling the gentleman?” he asked. “Don’t you see he has a first-class ticket. I don’t mind in the least his traveling with me.” The Englishman then turned to Gandhi and said, “You should make yourself comfortable where you are.”

“If you want to ride with a Coolie, what do I care?” said the conductor. The conductor retreated and Gandhi completed his trip in first class.

The Wharton Negotiation Program says this on the audience principle: “In difficult cases, you will need to search for an ally – a third party to whom your bargaining counterpart is answerable to and who is sympathetic to your norms. Once you can locate such a person, you need to arrange things so you negotiate in the third party’s presence or under their protection. Allies serve as audiences to guarantee the application of standards that ought, in fairness, to apply. In essence, you leverage the audience’s consistency to bypass the party that opposes your goals.”

Gandhi used the Englishman as an audience to temporarily overcome the unjust standards of the South African law. Later in his life he would use the world public opinion to expose Great Britain’s unjust treatment of the Indian people – and help India win independence.

Chetan Walia

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Getting Cheap First Class Fares

Today, traveling has become quite easy. All you need to do is book a last minute first class flight and get to the destination of choice. People travel for various reasons. Some travel to visit their friends and families while others book a much needed vacation time to relax after working for several months or even years. There are people who travel for business and such can request for cheap business class to their destination. Traveling first class for a businessman is a great option as you can use this time to work and prepare for your meetings.

Given today’s service in economy class, many travelers are looking for cheap first class fares. The first class section is well lit and has better service. The seats and the sitting space are also better than in coach. A rule of thumb that assists people to get cheap first class tickets is traveling when it is the off season. The first place that you can get discounted business class tickets is straight from the airline. They have the best deals for their customers, sometimes extending up to half the price. Here are other ways of getting cheap first class fares:

– Book in advance: Some airlines allow people to book cheap business class tickets a month or more in advance. At times the tickets are cheaper by more than $1000. It is always important to call the airline and ask for discounted offers that they have as they are always available upon request.

– Booking return tickets or round trips: A sure way to get business class discounts is booking round trips instead of a one way ticket. Most airlines always want to encourage their clients to fly with them all the time. This is why they will offer discounted prices for round way trips. A round way ticket to a destination can cost as low as the cost of the economy class ticket.

– Travel agencies: Some of the best deals on business class tickets come from travel agencies. Booking with a travel agent allows you to sit back and relax and wait for the agent to book business class flights for you. All you need to do is give the agent your budget and allow him to get the deal for you. Travel agencies get first priority when it comes to cheap business class airfare because they have a large client base.

You can also submit your business itinerary and call them using a toll free number on the Internet. They are the best solution for last minute business class tickets.

Travel First Class on Air Tahiti

In the past travel for any extended period of time meant digging through magazines or if you were lucky watching a movie that was actually entertaining with the luxuries of Air Tahiti’s First Class service Poerava, one can now choose from many forms of entertainment, eat a gourmet meal and relax in a exclusive one row cabin in your complimentary pj’s. The cost to travel varies according to route but with the help of a experienced travel professional one can find numerous deals to make first class travel affordable. So experience first class travel with a distinct Polynesian style aboard Air Tahiti.

Air Tahiti First Class offers a virtual entertainment center with first-run movies, music, and games. Choose from up to six first-run movie features on each flight in both English and French language channels. From Hollywood blockbusters to popular independent titles, every seat becomes a personal movie theater in the air. From take off to landing, choose between eight channels of non-stop music featuring classical, jazz, romantic, popular, international pop, Tahitian, and popular Japanese. The ATN Game Network is on all aircraft. The network is easily accessed from your personal remote control. Every passenger can play card and action games against the computer or with other passengers on the flight.

Poerava features multi-course gourmet meals based on the standards of five-star restaurants and a staff of internationally acclaimed chefs. Enjoy a wine list of famous vintages personally selected by Air Tahiti’s Parisian sommelier. Complimentary pajamas, large pillows and a blanket provided to each First Class passenger.

Make Your Journey More Comfortable By Booking First Class Train Tickets

With so many travel agencies operating these days, travelling has become all about comfort and availing reasonably priced services. One of the best ways to travel across Europe is on the trains. It will give you the best opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty as a travel, while sitting comfortably in your air conditioned cabins. You can get the best prices even on the first class train tickets, and enjoy your travel to the fullest.

Understandably, the train tickets for the first class compartments or trains will cost you more than the regular ones, but they offer a lot special facilities to passengers travelling on first class tickets. You will really enjoy the grand experience of luxury and class, especially if you are travelling with your family.

Comfortable travel

The seats on such trains are more comfortable, and are well maintained. In order to avoid any confusion at the last minute and to save money on ticket fares, you must try and book your tickets well in advance. You will surely enjoy your time while travelling on such trains.

You will not get to enjoy such comfort and luxury travel on economic train rides. If you are travelling to any place, where you might have to say overnight on train, then it is best to book first class tickets. Since they offer offers their travellers with maximum comfort, you will feel totally rested by the time you reach your destinations.

The seats and other facilities are the best, and get enough time to rest and enjoy your travel. There are trains that have exclusive cabins to provide you with privacy you require. The cabin can accommodate two people and it has bunk beds. If you are travelling with your partner, then this option will surely excite you.

The cabins will have cupboards, drawers, and cabinets, where you can keep your valuables safely. You can lock them, especially when you are travelling overnight. The boxes are spacious enough to accommodate your suitcase, laptop, and other valuables. You won’t have to worry too much about your belongings while travelling first class.

Some of the other facilities are –

Compact wash basins, where you can wash your hands and face, and brush your teeth
They also offer warm blankets and soft pillows to ensure total comfort.
The cabins are designed to cut the sound, so that you can sleep peacefully whenever you feel like.

Best food served

Travellers are usually concerned about the food that is being served on train. However, when you choose to travel with exclusive first class tickets, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the food that is being served by the railway services.

These trains will have a special pantry, and an extended food and beverages menu for you to choose from. The serving staff will be well trained to attend to the needs of their customers with a smile on their face. They will ensure that each of your needs will be taken care of in a prompt way.

Enjoy your travel

In a nutshell, you can enjoy best travel experiences in Europe if you book first class tickets with one of the top railway services like the Gatwick Express. You can also compare the prices offered by various railway services, and then choose the service provider who offers you with the best prices and facilities.

Budget Airline Travel – How to Travel First Class and Get a 70% Discount!

I bet that title got your attention didn’t it? Most people do not realize just how much the airline mark up ticket prices, and you can in fact travel first class even when you are on a budget. In this article I am going to share with you how to take advantage of budget airline travel and still get great airline tickets.

1. The first thing that will help your case is being willing to fly at times when most people do not want to. when flights are scheduled at odd times they typically do not fill to capacity. You can take advantage of this by negotiating directly with the airlines for the unoccupied seats. This is a fast and effective way to get great prices on airline tickets and travel first class on a budget.

2. Another method that is not very well known is to contact the airlines directly. Most people simply blow this tip off, because they do not know how to proper utilize it. The key to contacting the airlines directly is to do it at the right time. You want to make sure that you call right at midnight, because this is when the systems (and thus the travel specials) are updated for the next day. Savvy airline travelers have been using this method for years to travel first class for less, and now you can too.

3. Get to know someone within the travel industry. An ex-airline employee is ideal for this, because they often times give secrets away to friends or family. If you are looking for budget airline travel tips then their is no better person to consult then an ex-airline employee. You can travel first class for less if you know the same tips that I learned!

I Have Found an Ex-Airline Employee Who is Sharing all of His Secrets to the Public for a Limited Time!

What Makes First Class Travel So Opulent and Expensive?

The traveling world is really vast and when it comes to air travel, there are several questions that we can’t find answers of that easily including the topic of this article about why first class air traveling is such expensive as well as opulent. To answer these questions, we will be describing you the entire concept of first class travel which is prominently provided by only a certain amount of airlines that are not just traveling on domestic or international, but they are covering the most prominent getaway destinations worldwide. So, have a look at the points below that may answer your question of what makes first class travel so opulent and expensive:

1. The Ground Service

The ground services provided to the first class travelers are really different from what we experience at the airport from the time we enter from the airport doors till the time we take our seats. The massive difference includes special security checking procedure, airport check-in services, short and quick queues for luggage and other services and much more. These sort of services are prominently covered by the airline and provided by a big percentage of first class service providing carriers. Hence, for those who wish to have special treatment and enjoy remaining away from flocking queues at the airport, first class flights are the best option.

2. Airport Lounge

At times when we are waiting for our delayed flight or have a connecting flight to reach to our destination, we have to wait at the airport on those stiff benches that are good for a few minutes before they start to pinch our skin and put us in uncomfortable situation. However, when it is compared with the first class services, they can enjoy the state-of-the-art services at the airport lounges spanning across the world and providing the great amount of generous hospitality with luxurious seating area, amenities like games, sports, music, Wi-Fi, food, snacks, drinks and much more. These kind of facilities are among the prominent reasons why first class travel has got its name and why people love to travel with first class tickets.

3. Cabin Services

The biggest contributing factor that makes first class flights so vastly different from the other classes is the cabin services as the seats are extremely spacious and comforting as compared to economy, premium economy and business class cabins. The privacy of every passenger is respected by the airline and they are assisted with quick and hassle-free onboard assistance. The exquisite and different range of amenities that are served to the first class passengers are really delightful and make people experience their own hotel suite while flying high in the sky. Thus, people often envy of traveling in first class to enjoy the privacy, comfort and luxury.

4. Pampering

The pampering provided by the airline to the first class passengers onboard is really something else that is next to impossible to be found anywhere else among the air carriers. The quick and attentive staff with graceful behavior and etiquettes, first class travelers can feel being pampered and very well assisted by the cabin crew. The exquisite variety of amenities served onboard by many airlines including pajamas to get relaxed, skincare products to get refreshed, soft and high-quality duvet and much more will leave you in the experience of being pampered like a king at your own flying castle.

5. Facilities

First class cabins are well-furnished with a wide range of high-tech facilities and sport Wi-Fi connectivity, multi-lingual entertainment options with many premium broadcasts, unit with more clarity, bigger size and noise-cancellation headphones, premium dining service from a vast menu of dishes prepared by expert chefs, potations from a big range of drinks with fine quality and great taste, exquisite comfort with reclining seats that can be transformed into bed (in selected carriers) and much more that may differ from airline to airline. These facilities are among the prominent reasons why first class flight tickets get sold out so quickly and majorly used by honeymoon travelers, business voyagers and people seeking some luxury, comfort and delight on their trip starting from the flight.

First class travel is an elaborated process, compiling great level of luxury, services, amenities, pampering and attentive experience by the airline to ensure that the flyers enjoy the best experience under their hospitality and get delighted by the amount of services provided by the carrier on both ground and in the air. The cost of everything that is served to a first class traveler is the reason why first class flights are so expensive and why people who are planning a luxurious getaway or a business trip tend to book the first class flight tickets. Although, the price difference perceived by many travelers between lower and premium class airfares isn’t that vast and if you plan your voyage wisely, you may be able to get some handsome deals on first class flights, provided by a few travel agencies across the United States. So, if you feel to have an experience in your life of first class travel, then you must start planning and begin the hunt of best airfares of first class travel.

How to Travel First Class on a Discounted Ticket

Travelling is a wonderful experience but when it comes to first and business class there is more than meets the eye. When one decides that they want to travel first class it does not mean that they are very wealthy even though a certain percentage of them might be so. The good news is that even a person on a moderate salary and still travel in style if you know where to find discounted tickets.


A wise choice would be to contact a travel agent who will help you find the right airline. They should be in touch with different airlines who offer empty first class seats at a discounted price. When these seats become available they will immediately contact you with the required details. Choose a company that actually does what it promises to do. When you have an urgent meeting to attend, the last thing you need is a firm that wastes your time. Instead, a professional firm will help you secure last minute first class deals and also help you make the booking without any further delay.

What to expect

A competent agency handling first and business class travel will provide several services like group bookings, stopovers, last minute departures, one way flights, mid- week flights and flexible tickets. They might not be on the phone all the time but they do work in the office for longer hours so no matter what, your travel experience will be one that you will never forget on a positive note. Look at it this way- if you have spent less on your travel, it gives you more spending money once you reach your destination. You can then spend this extra cash on luxury accommodation or go on a shopping spree. However, a good agent knows that travelling is more than saving money but it’s about building a relationship with the customer.

You are never late

Everyone hates being turned down and when it comes to air travel a turndown might be a great disadvantage. You may miss an important business meeting or miss a child’s birthday. Last minute first class deals are a good travel agency’s best kept secret because they know that when you are late to book a flight, you’re in a tough spot. This is where they use their expertise to find you a quick solution that is affordable and timely. Choosing the right firm will help ease your travel worries in no time.

Chris Toomey is an independent travel awareness consultant. Writes contents on traveling and has deep knowledge of business class deals in last minute and online first and business class flights deals with the lowest price.

Traveling First Class in Airport Limousine Service

Traveling first class is, without a doubt, desired by everyone. Luckily, for people who enjoy traveling in style and comfort, first class service is not only available when traveling by air. Ground transportation can offer you the same standard of luxury. If you travel by plane often, and you feel comfortable traveling first class to and from major airports in the US such as LA, Orlando, Washington and more, an Airport Limousine Service is the one you should definitely check out.

There are many companies offering such airport transfers to and from most larger airports. The high class limousine companies provide excellent service to their customers, including a door to door service at specific times from a specified place selected by you; perhaps from the airport, your home, office or some other address, to a location of your choice. They offer special discounts for regular customers and also offer to track your flight, so even if the flight is delayed, the limousine will still be there waiting for you when you arrive. There are many other discounts too.

People always say that it is easy to get used to good things. Relaxing in the comfortable seats of a limousine on the way from or to the airport is a special experience. You will never want to travel in any other way once you’ve used a limousine.

This type of service is the best you can get when traveling with your family. The limousines are very spacious, so there will be enough room for everyone. You will not have to stand outside in bad weather waiting for a cab, as the chauffeur will meet you as soon as you exit your flight, help you with the luggage and guide you and your family directly to a comfortable limousine.

Once inside, let the chauffeur know where you are going, and he will take you there in the shortest possible time. The chauffeurs are skilled drivers and know every street very well, especially when it comes to avoiding traffic jams. All limousines are equipped with a GPS system, which helps the chauffeurs do their job even more efficiently. If you are not from the city and you do not know the streets well (if at all) having someone who knows everything there is to know about the town and the traffic is a life saver.

Airport Limousine Services can be found at very affordable prices, fitting everyone’s budget, so you do not have to end up out of pocket, even if you use such services very often. There is a lot of information available online, at both special sites for limousine rental services as well as travel agents. The prices vary, so you can find a limousine online to suit your budget and needs. Be aware that the cheapest offers may not be what they seem, so be very wary of these to avoid fraudsters. Order from a reliable company, which has phone numbers and other information published online.

Traveling with style can be extended even farther with additional Airport Limousine Services if you request these with your booking. If you are ordering a pick up for someone special to you, you can place a request for flowers, champagne or a box of chocolates. If your children are coming back from a visit to their grandparents during your working hours, and you cannot leave your work to go to the airport to meet them, asking the chauffeur to make sure they are safely home is also an option.

If the limousine service you have ordered is for your business partners, a chauffeur that will be punctual, polite and will assist your guests with everything possible will make a great first impression on your guests.

There is no better way for ground transportation travel with style than using one of the Airport Limousine Services – they can provide you with everything you need, and more.